Our Story

NextDesign was born with one mission in mind – to help solve the creative needs for businesses of all sizes.

Our founders encountered the same issue first-hand as entrepreneurs who felt that design was too time consuming and expensive. We know that quality and speed is important in creative work, and a dedicated professional designer is crucial towards achieving that. Thus, we have made quality graphic design efficient, simple and affordable for businesses to outsource or delegate their design work to us.

However, the usual way of getting your design needs was through a freelancer, hiring an in-house designer or creative agencies, which are often overpriced, awfully time-consuming and with no guarantees. NextDesign is changing the way businesses delegate their creative needs, by creating a more efficient, transparent and affordable remote working process through the use of our platform.


We offer a one-stop solution for most businesses creative needs without the need for long interviews, HR, hidden fees, contracts and we make getting a dedicated designer for your design needs a breeze through our easy to use platform.

Our Top Values

These values shape our company, and are guiding principles for every decision we make.


We are proactive about pushing ourselves to the limits of our ability. We are never happy with the status quo and we strive to always break our limits.

Passion & Craftsmanship

We love what we do and we care deeply about the quality of our work. We are always trying to be one standard higher, and only produce work we would use.

Impact & Generosity

We are driven by gratitude, not profit. To strengthen our community, we aim to provide support to help smaller businesses and non-profit organizations communicate their vision and mission.