Who is NextDesign for?

NextDesign is the perfect addition for businesses of all sizes (including freelancers and personal brands!), especially if you;

  1. Currently have a graphic designer
  2. Spend more than $400/month on graphic design
  3. Feel that designers are too expensive, not fast or responsive enough
  4. Have too much creative work to handle or need more creativity

Using NextDesign, you’ll be able to work with a designer who truly cares about creative work and your brand, without the expensive cost of hiring an in-house designer or a creative agency.


What does “unlimited graphic design” mean?

Using NextDesign service means that you are charged a monthly fixed rate rather than an hourly or per project rate. Not only will it reduce overhead costs for your creative needs, you also get to have simpler financials by knowing exactly how much is allocated to your budgets for creatives.

Upon submission of your design requests, a dedicated professional designer will be assigned to your brand to start creating (what we do best!) and bringing your idea to life. Have an urgent order? Let us know and we’ll prioritize that task. Once your design is completed, we start working on the next one immediately; the same day.

As your dedicated designer works with your brand(s), the design and revision process gets faster, so you’ll be able to receive higher creative output, and still pay the same monthly fee.


What are your working hours?

We work around the clock from Monday to Friday. You can submit a design project any time anywhere and most importantly you can submit your project on the device of your choosing. If you have an urgent project, please submit those projects from Monday through Wednesday. Projects submitted within these days are more likely to be delivered, revised, and fully completed before the end of the week. If at any time you have an urgent matter, please contact your Account Manager directly. Design projects created after 2 PM Eastern Friday will be worked on Monday. So be sure to get your project in, before our 2 PM Friday Eastern deadline.


Where is NextDesign based in?

We are headquartered in Singapore, but we work with elite designers globally from Asia, Middle East and Europe.


14 day money-back guarantee? Are you sure?

Yes, we are so confident that you will like our service that we are happy to offer this guarantee. Within 14 days of signing-up, you can submit a request to cancel your subscription if you’re not satisfied using NextDesign. We will try our best to solve any problems or issues you’re facing in your request, and if we fail to do so, we’ll issue a full refund.

Rest assured, there are no gimmicks involved to prevent a refund from happening within the 14 days. At NextDesign, our goal is to serve our customers with a hassle-free solution for their creative needs, it’s what our customers love us for and how we roll.



What type of designs can NextDesign work on?

We work on almost every design type you can think of, from advertisements, posters, marketing materials to logos and even website/app design! Check out our full list of design categories HERE.


Who is my designer? Can they handle my design request well?

The designers at NextDesign have been doing graphic design for many years and are equipped with strong skillsets. Rest assured, they are trained and ready to create your next design request!


What is your turnaround time?

You will receive your first designs draft from our designers within 24-48 hours.

We hope you understand that great creative takes time, and will treat our designers with respect as they work hard to deliver great work as soon as possible. More complex designs such as website/app designs, presentation slides, infographics, landing pages and pitch decks etc. will require more time simply due to the amount of work involved.

To ensure that designs and revisions are completed quickly and at the highest quality possible, ensure to communicate clearly and frequently with your designer. Some details you should include in your design brief are: size, orientation, format (print/digital), colour schemes, references or inspiration designs, and text copy. In short, the more clear and descriptive from the get-go, the better your designer can understand what you’re looking for, which will result in fewer revisions.


Do your designers create the designs from scratch or do they just use templates?

Our designers create every design from scratch, because they are professionals. As design professionals, they are more than capable of bringing your idea to life without the need to rely on third party software. In our basic plan, the design will include stock photos while on our pro plans we can create fully custom illustrations on top of stock photos. 


How are NextDesign designers vetted?

Each NextDesign designer undergo rigorous training and a design test before they are able to be assigned to a design project. This helps to ensure that you only work with elite designers and receive the best designs as soon as possible!


How long will it take for my revisions to complete?

Most simple revisions can be completed within 24 hours while bigger revisions will take 1-2 days.


I don’t really like my designer, what can I do?

If you feel that you’re not clicking with your assigned designer, simply let us know and we will swap a designer that may be more suitable working with your brand.


What type of files are available for download?

There is a wide variety of file types to choose from, but you can inform your designer which ones you want to receive.

Some of the more common files are PNG, JPEG, PDF’s, PSD’s and more.


Will my design files be stored on NextDesign?

Your design file will be stored on NextDesign and you can access them directly through the dashboard!


I want my design to be in another language, is that possible?

That’s definitely possible, however, we require that you instruct us in English and provide us the relevant content to be used in the design. We are not able to translate the text nor write the content for you.


Can I use NextDesign for multiple businesses?

Yes. From our most basic plan, you are able to work on an unlimited number of brands. This means that we do not limit you to the number of businesses or customers you want to use NextDesign services for. However, if you run two businesses and need designs daily for each business, you will need to double your output which you can do so by basically buying the same plan twice or purchasing our Emperor plan where you can work with two dedicated designer, with one being a Art Director.

For creative agencies or bigger businesses who require a full creative (strategy, copywriting, visuals, video) team, drop us a email at [email protected] so we can discuss further and tailor a custom solution based on your needs.


I have an urgent design request, what should I do?

Simply let us know (or your dedicated designer), and we will prioritize your urgent request to be finished ASAP and put the others temporarily on hold.


Does NextDesign offer Website/App design?

Yes, website/app design is available on our Pro and Emperor plans! However, do note that as it is a more complex project, it’ll take more time and revision to truly get what you’re looking for in each page. Do note that this does not mean that we offer WordPress or Web Development services.


Who owns the design created by NextDesign?

You will have 100% Ownership of all designs created by NextDesign that you have approved and received during your subscription.

If you are reselling a design created by NextDesign designers, please let your designer know when submitting your design request! This is to keep your dedicated designer informed so he/she will create the design from scratch and you will have full rights to sell the design.

Otherwise, if you’re not reselling the design, your dedicated designer will create the design from scratch with the help of stock elements or photos, as needed to meet your requirements.

All NextDesign designers are trained to double-check every stock photos, elements, and fonts used on your design to make sure there is no trademark and copyright infringement. Thus, you can use all your designs with full confidence without any fear of infringement.

Please note that all materials provided to us by you are assumed to be licensed and owned by you, NextDesign is not liable for the rights of the final design if you provided us any unlicensed materials.



What is included in my membership?

NextDesign expertise is focused on design, hence we do not fulfill the following services currently:

  • Motion graphics (coming soon)
  • Video editing (coming soon)
  • Animation (coming soon)
  • Content writing (coming soon)
  • Copywriting (coming soon)
  • Marketing strategy
  • 3D modeling
  • Programming
  • WordPress
  • 3D/CAD rendering
  • Social media management

However, we are constantly innovating and are looking to eventually handle all your creative needs. So content writing, copywriting, motion graphics, animations and video editing are all in the process and will be available when we are ready to roll out those additional features!


Is this a long-term contract?

No, absolutely not. Your membership is on a month-to-month basis, and you’re free to cancel anytime, no commitments involved. It’s 2020, and we are updated with the trends.


What modes of payment are accepted?

Currently, the only form of payment we accept is a verified credit or debit card. We do not accept cash/check/paypal at the moment.


Are there any hidden fees?

No. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with additional fees at the end. What you see is what you get, with taxes and any fees included in the package price monthly. We are serious about providing value for you, so rest assured that we got your back!


What is my billing cycle and when am I billed?

NextDesign maintains a 30-day billing cycle. As long as the subscription is active, you will be billed on will be billed on the same day that you subscribed from the previous month, on a recurring basis.


Is it hard to cancel my subscription?

It’s actually really simple. If you feel that NextDesign is not for you, rest assured, you are able to cancel your subscription with a few clicks, no penalty or long process involved. If you need any further assistance, you can also always reach out to us anytime of the week!



What are the benefits of the “Basic” plan?

The “Basic” membership is perfect for those that just need a couple of designs delivered each week and need a creative designer who they can communicate and work with directly. It is recommended for small businesses, startups, or entrepreneurs who are building a personal brand.

The following terms is included in the “Basic” subscription:
– $399 per month
– Unlimited Designs (no custom illustrations, website/app design, infographics etc.)
– Unlimited Revisions
– Unlimited Brands


What are the benefits of the “Pro” plan?

The “Pro” membership is. perfect for growing brands and marketers who constantly need designs & want extra creativity input. 

The following terms is included in the “Pro” subscription:
– $499 per month
– Unlimited Designs (allows custom illustrations, website/app design, infographics etc.)
– Unlimited Revisions
– Unlimited Brands
– Daily Updates
– Dedicated Project Manager
– Animated GIFs (1-3seconds)

What does my account manager do?

Your dedicated project manager helps to ensure that there is a high level of consistently amazing graphic design work that is sent to you for review. Additionally, they can handle most of your enquiries directly as well.



What are the benefits of the “Emperor” plan?

The “Emperor” plan is perfect for agencies or larger businesses that want a creative team that can help scale their business(/or their business clients) and help offload or delegate some design work so that they are able to focus more on other tasks at hand.

The following terms is included in the “Emperor” subscription:
– $995 per month
– Unlimited Designs (allows custom illustrations, website/app design, infographics etc.)
– Unlimited Revisions
– Unlimited Brands
– Daily Updates
– Dedicated Project Manager
– Animated GIFs (1-3seconds)
– Daily Updates
– Personal Art Director
– Real-Time Collaboration (Slack)



What is the “Design for Good” initiative by NextDesign?

We believe that design, just like a writer or speaker who crafts their blog and speeches, is a form of communication. Design For Good is our way to give back to the community and help to communicate for those that do not have a voice for their struggles.

We are passionate about helping non-profit organizations who advocate for mental health, youths and/or offers counselling for forms of addiction such as gambling and alcohol or tobacco dependance.

Organizations must be officially registered, have a proven track record for their programs and must serve the demographic directly in order to be eligible. For more details, head over HERE.


What is the “Partnership Program” by NextDesign?

The NextDesign partner program aims to collaborate with organizations to make graphic design work more accessible to its community and members so that they have a reliable and scalable solution for their creative needs.

For more information about who we partner with, what are the partnership benefits and how you can become a partner, please head over to our Partners page.