(It’s really, really simple!)

This is how businesses work with NextDesign to solve their creative needs; easily.

1. Submit your design request

Simply fill up some details in the design brief so our designers understand what you need and can work on what they do best: creating!

What is your turnaround time?

On average, you will receive your first designs draft within 24-48 hours.

What type of designs can you work on?

We work on almost every design type you can think of, from advertisements, posters, marketing materials to logos and even website/app design! Check out our full list of design categories HERE.


2. Your dedicated designer starts working

Once your design request is created, our platform will automatically assign you your dedicated designer who has been vetted through rigorous tests and training. You can also communicate with the designer who will be able to address your concerns!

Who is my designer? Can they handle my design request well?

The designers at NextDesign have been doing graphic design for many years and are equipped with strong skillsets. Rest assured, they are trained and ready to create your next design request!

How are NextDesign designers vetted?

Each NextDesign designer undergo rigorous training and a design test before they are able to be assigned to a design project. This helps to ensure that you only work with elite designers and receive the best designs as soon as possible!

3. Revisions & Feedback

You will receive your design request drafts within 24-48 hours. Not satisfied? No worries, your designer does as many revisions as necessary until you’re happy (at no extra cost!).

How long will it take for the revisions?

Most simple revisions can be completed within 24 hours while bigger revisions will take 1-2 days.

I don't really like my designer, what can I do?

If you feel that you’re not clicking with your assigned designer, simply let us know and we will swap a designer that may be more suitable working with your brand.


4. Download source files, immediately

Once the final design is approved, all the source files are delivered and you can immediately download your files. No more back-and-forth emails to ask for files!

Will my design files be stored on NextDesign?

Your design file will be stored on NextDesign and you can access them directly through the dashboard!

What type of files are available for download?

There is a wide variety of file types to choose from, but you can inform your designer which ones you want to receive.

Some of the more common files are PNG, JPEG, PDF’s, PSD’s and more.

Using NextDesign service means that you are charged a monthly fixed rate rather than an hourly or per project rate. Not only will it reduce overhead costs for your creative needs, you also get to have simpler financials by knowing exactly how much is allocated to your budgets for creatives.

Upon submission of your design requests, a dedicated professional designer will be assigned to your brand to start creating (what we do best) and bringing your idea to life. Have an urgent order? Let us know and we’ll prioritize that task. Once your design is completed, we start working on the next one immediately; the same day.

As your dedicated designer works with your brand(s), the design and revision process gets faster, so you’ll be able to receive higher creative output, and still pay the same monthly fee.

NextDesign is the perfect addition for businesses of all sizes (including freelancers and personal brands!), especially if you;

  1. Currently have a graphic designer
  2. Spend more than $400/month on graphic design
  3. Feel that designers is too expensive, not fast or responsive enough
  4. Have too much work to handle or need more creativity

Using NextDesign, you’ll be able to work with a designer who truly cares about creative work and your brand, without the expensive cost of hiring an in-house designer.

Each of our designers are thoroughly vetted, and undergo tests and training before they are able to be assigned to handle your project. Only the most skilled and talented designers get to work on your project, and each of them have many years of experience in graphic design so you know they are equipped with a strong skillset that can solve your creative needs.

On average, you will receive your designs within 24-48 hours. We hope you understand that great creative takes time, and treat our designers with respect and they will work hard to deliver great work as soon as possible. More complex designs such as website/app designs, presentation slides, infographics, landing pages and pitch decks etc. will require more time simply due to the amount of work involved.

To ensure that designs and revisions are completed quickly and at the highest quality possible, ensure to communicate clearly and frequently with your designer. Some details you should include in your design brief are: size, orientation, format (print/digital), colour schemes, references or inspiration designs, and text copy. In short, the more clear and descriptive from the get-go, the better your designer can understand what you’re looking for, resulting in fewer revisions.

No, absolutely not. Your membership is on a month-to-month basis, and you’re free to cancel anytime, no commitments involved. It’s 2020, and we are updated with the trends.

From our most basic plan, you are able to work on an unlimited number of brands. This means that we do not limit you to the number of businesses or customers you want to use NextDesign services for. However, if you run two businesses and need designs daily, you will need to double your output which you can do so by basically buying the same plan twice.

For creative agencies or bigger businesses who require a full creative team, drop us a email at [email protected] so we can discuss more and tailor a custom solution based on your needs.


Yes, we are so confident that you will like our service that we are happy to offer this guarantee. Within 14 days of signing-up, you can submit a request to cancel your subscription if you’re not satisfied using NextDesign. We will try our best to solve any problems or issues you’re facing in your request, and if we fail to do so, we’ll issue a full refund.

Rest assured, there are no gimmicks involved to prevent a refund from happening within the 14 days. At NextDesign, our goal is to serve our customers with a hassle-free solution for their creative needs, it’s what our customers love us for and how we roll.


NextDesign can fulfil most design requests, with exceptions to the following currently:

  • 3D/CAD rendering
  • Ad development
  • HTML5 ads
  • Coding & development
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing strategy
  • Motion graphics

However, we are constantly innovating and are looking to eventually handle all your creative needs. So motion graphics, animations and video editing are all in

Can’t find your questions listed here? Check out our complete FAQ section.