Outsourcing vs Hiring Graphic Designers: Which is better?

The demand for graphic design is constantly growing, with more businesses and entrepreneurs looking to establish strong brand identities. While having design work done used to be relatively simple in the past, it has now turned into a difficult process. This is mostly due to the many choices that individuals have when it comes to picking a designer.

As many traditional services have slowly shifted to the online medium, a large number of on-demand services have appeared, including graphic design ones. These paid, on-demand services, such as Nextdesign.io, are offered through specialized platforms that enable customers to get in touch with professional graphic designers.

However, there are other ways to have graphic design work done. There are currently hundreds of platforms that allow young graphic designers to showcase their work and create portfolios so that they might get hired. This has made it extremely easy for companies to hire graphic designers based on their art style or portfolio and their experience. Though, the main problem with this is that a lot of the time there could be a lack of transparency in pricing (extra costs for revisions or file ownership) and there is no quality control in place.

Lastly, there is always the option of getting in touch with a local design company. This last alternative is rarely used due to the large fees that these businesses charge their clients. Furthermore, even local companies are usually either a part of online graphic design platforms or have their services advertised on freelancing websites.

Both outsourcing and hiring graphic designers are viable options for those in need of these services, however, each of them comes with advantages and disadvantages. Some of these may affect the cost of the work, while others may play a big part in the quality of the final product. Here is what you need to know to make the right choice!

What Do You Get When You Pay for an On-demand Graphic Design Service?

Graphic design services are essentially cloud-based services. They offer subscriptions that enable companies and other customers to always have a direct channel to professional graphic designers. This means that the platform will always have designer teams on the stand-by, in case a request comes in from a customer. When the client does no longer need the service, he can simply cancel the subscription.

All fees are straightforward and most platforms, such as Nextdesign.io are secure. This ensures that none of the assets that belong to the clients are leaker to the public or stolen.

The Advantages of Using an On-demand Service:

Guaranteed Professional Work

On-demand graphic design services only hire professionals. When you subscribe to an on-demand service, you get the guarantee that only talented, experienced individuals will work on your projects. In many ways, these platforms gather the best and brightest to ensure that their clients only get high-quality designs with fast turnaround times.

Quick Results

On-demand services are, as the name implies, on demand. The platforms that offer them have teams that work in shifts so that the clients can have graphic design work done, round-the-clock. This also means that once a client requests a design, he will get it as fast as possible. Depending on the complexity of the task, this can take as little as within 24 hours.

The fact that graphic design platforms work fast makes them a great choice for content creators such as bloggers or YouTubers who need cover images, backgrounds for articles, or thumbnails.

High-Quality Products

Subscribing to an on-demand graphic design platform ensures that you will only get high-quality products. The companies that offer these services have several quality-control steps that are designed to ensure that the clients do not get basic or half-done designs. Furthermore, clients that are not happy with the quality of the designs can get in touch with the customer support teams of the platform and have the issue resolved.

Working in Teams Ensure a Lot of Versatility

When paying for the services of a graphics design platform, clients pay for the services of an entire team of specialists. This ensures that the work gets done as quickly as possible. It also makes it so that multiple designers can come up with suggestions and allow the client to choose the one that best fits their vision.

Unlimited Design Alternatives and Revisions Included

Part of the subscription of on-demand graphic design services is the ability to submit several designs so that specialists can work on them at the same time. This, paired with the fact that clients can make changes to the designs and request revisions as part of the subscription makes these platforms extremely flexible.

Service-based Contract

On-demand services do not charge clients per design. They offer monthly subscriptions that give clients access to various utilities. These can be used at any moment, making them great for entrepreneurs or businesses that have a constant need for graphic design work. The service-based contract that an on-demand service offers is cheaper than any other alternative.

Trial Periods for Subscriptions

Many platforms like Nextdesign.io offer trial or money-back guarantees periods for their subscriptions. During these, users have access to all of the tools and resources offered by the full monthly subscription. This allows individuals to first test the platform and the service. If the results match their standards, they can continue the subscription and start paying. If not, users may cancel their subscription before the trial period ends and they will not have to pay anything.

The Disadvantages of On-demand Graphic Design Platforms:

Not Great for Singular Projects

On-demand services are truly useful only to businesses and entrepreneurs who have recurrent need for graphic design work. This having been said, it is possible to pay a month of subscription for a single logo or a couple of banners, which would enable individuals to get the work done by professionals and test the platform without wasting money.

Designer Assignment Rotation

As a result of how on-demand graphic design platforms work, it may be difficult to have any continuity in terms of design consistency. The companies that offer these services constantly rotate the designers that handle projects. In other words, a company may have one assigned designer one month and another the next.

More Expensive than 5-dollar Freelancers

On-demand graphic design services are not expensive when compared to what an individual would be asked for at a design company. These services are more expensive than what some freelancers might ask for on price-limited platforms such as Fiverr, however, they are also faster and offer better quality control.

Generally speaking, when it comes to on-demand platforms, it’s important to remember that for only a few more dollars, you get something that’s vital to graphic design: quality control. Platforms like Nextdesign.io hire professionals and set up quality filters in order to ensure that users get their money’s worth.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer?

The main alternative to paying for on-demand graphic design services is to hire a freelance designer. There are currently hundreds of hundreds of freelance platforms and forums that allow individuals to post their portfolios and advertise their services.

While paying a freelance designer to handle one or more projects is often more affordable than the alternatives, there is more to handling things this way than meets the eye. Here are the main advantages of paying freelance designers, as well as a few disadvantages to keep in mind.

Advantages of Hiring Freelance Designers

Many Individuals to Choose from

Most design graduates who cannot find jobs become freelancers and offer their services online. This gives companies a vast number of trained individuals to choose from.

Affordable Services

Freelancers often adapt their fees to the size and complexity of a project. This makes them a great choice for businesses who simply need a logo, or for individuals who need ads and banners for a single campaign.

Great for One-time Projects

Paying for an on-demand service if you have a small one-time project that you need to be done may be a waste of money. This is because you would have to pay for an entire month’s subscription regardless of how little time it would take to finish the project. On the other hand, freelancers usually charge their clients according to the project itself, making them the more affordable option.


Not Great for Large Projects or Large Workloads

Freelancers are often individuals who offer their services online as a part-time job. In other words, they are not a good choice for companies and individuals who have large projects that they need to be done. Freelancers tend to move slowly and may sometimes back out of a project before the deadline.

No Guarantees in Terms of Design Quality

It is important to keep in mind that freelance graphic designers are usually regular individuals who have a normal job and also offer their services online. This means that they may not be able to fully dedicate themselves to their creative pursuit. The work that they do is usually not on the same level, quality-wise, like the one from on-demand platforms. Furthermore, these specialised platforms have resources and equipment that is often prohibitively expensive to freelancers.

While there are freelance graphic designers that show a lot of professionalism in their relationship with their clients, this is not guaranteed. Most individuals who choose this route either do graphic design as a secondary occupation or they are too inexperienced to become part of a design company. Either way, working with freelancers often comes at a price. With no quality control in place and no rules to dictate how they work and communicate with their clients, hiring a freelancer is usually a “hit or miss” type of deal.


Generally speaking, finding the right alternative when it comes to graphic design is a matter of establishing what you, as a client, want. On-demand platforms are great for recurrent work or large-scale projects that need a professional touch. On the other hand, they are more expensive than hiring freelancers.

In the end, it is a matter of standards and work volume. Freelancers work for less money, but they cannot handle a large project by themselves and may produce low-quality designs. On-demand graphic design platforms offer professional work and they can handle large workloads, but their services are more expensive.

Happy Designing! 🙂

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