Terms of Services

Updated: 1 November 2020

User Agreement

We inform you that by using by our website, services, and/or tools, you give your consent to be legally bound to by the conditions presented in our Terms of Service. We ask you to read them carefully and to check this page periodically as changes may occur. Furthermore, you must agree to all the terms that are included in this agreement and understand that failure to do so prohibits you from using our website and services.

Intellectual Property Rights

The NextDesign.io website is property of NextDesign. This includes all its source code, databases, functionality, software, web designs, graphics, logos, service marks, and content (text, audio, and video). All the elements specified above are property of NextDesign, licensed to us, or otherwise protected by us. They are all protected by copyright and trademark laws and other intellectual property rights regulations including international conventions that apply in both foreign as well as local jurisdictions.

In certain cases, NextDesign may grand certain companies’ permission to use materials present on the website. However, these materials cannot be modified in any way, used for commercial purposes without our express consent, reverse engineers, copied to other websites and servers, or decompiled.

Qualifying for the refund policy

We, at NextDesign, work tirelessly in order to ensure that our users are happy with all the services that we offer on our website. However, in the case that our customers are not content with our services, they may qualify for our 14-day return policy. This measure has been developed in order to enable individuals to test our services risk-free. The following are the conditions that must be met in order to qualify for this refund policy:

Qualification conditions

  • The user must accept a call from a website account manager or support team technician to help him through the tools and features offered through the NextDesign.io website;
  • The user must create one project and give the designers time to analyze it and produce at least two design variants;
  • The user must give feedback, specify why he or she is not happy with our services and allow our designers and support teams to correct the issue first;

Nullification of refund policy eligibility

The following conditions will remove a user’s ability to get a refund:

  • Approval of any project;
  • Going over the return policy 14-day period;
  • The download of source files;

It is also important to mention that certain plans are, by definition, not eligible for refunds. These are:

  • Annual plans;
  • Plans based on partnerships or affiliation programs;

These restrictions are in place in order to protect the integrity of our services and to avoid situations where certain users would abuse the refund policy. Please direct any questions that you might have regarding the refund policy to [email protected].

User Representation

By using our website and services provided through it, you represent and warrant the following:

  • All the information that you submit as part of the registration process is real, accurate, up to date, and complete;
  • If any of the information that you have submitted during the restoration process is subjected to change, you will update the personal details on the website;
  • You have the legal capacity to agree to comply with our Terms of Use and do so;
  • You are of age in the jurisdiction where you have residence (proof of address may be requested);
  • You will not attempt to access the website or the services provided through it by using non-human means such as bots, automated scripts, or others;
  • You will not make use of the website for illegal purposes;

User registration process

Users may be required to register with the NextDesign.io website. By doing so, you, the user, agree that you will not disclose your password to others and that you are responsible for all use of your account. NextDesign reserves the right to delete, reclaim, or modify a user name if we determine, at the discretion of the company, that it is inappropriate or that it violates our regulations and community guidelines.

Furthermore, we also reserve the right to forbid individuals from creating accounts if the following situations occur:

  • Their IP is considered dangerous or if suspicious activity has been detected coming from it;
  • If an individual has previously violated our Terms of Service leading to his ban from the website and our services;
  • If the jurisdiction that an individual resides in has one or more laws that come into conflict with our services, Terms of Service, or Privacy Policy;


The NextDesign.io website is provided on an as-is and as-available product. By accessing our website, you agree that using it and our services is done at your full risk. Within legal limitations, we disclaim all warranties, in connection with our website and your use thereof. Furthermore, we make no warranties or guarantees regarding the accuracy or reliability of our website’s content or that of any other website connected or affiliated with it.

We take no responsibility for:

  • Inaccuracies of our content, be it text, graphic, audio or any other type;
  • Property damage or personal injury resulted from accessing and using our website;
  • Unauthorized access or use of the personal and financial information that is stored on our servers;
  • Interruption or cessation of the website and/or the services that are offered through it;
  • Viruses, bugs, and malware that may be transmitted through our website;
  • Errors or omissions in the content of our website, or any damage caused by the afore mentioned elements;

Please keep in mind that we do not warrant, take responsibility or offer any guarantees regarding third-party services or content offered through our website or any of the tools that we may provide.


NextDesign, along with its executive officers, managers, customer support technicians, marketing agents, designers, and other employees will never be liable to our users, or any third party, for any type of damage, material or financial, that may arise from using our website, the services provided through it and our tools.


Both our website, as well as the content offered through it may contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions. These may be present in descriptions, prices, availability of services, messages to our community, customer support messages, and payment receipts. We reserve the right to make corrections to our content, the website, and any messages transmitted to our users, without prior notice.

User Uploaded Content

Absolutely all texts, documents, pdf files, graphic content, and other files that the users upload to our website, whether directly or through an app is considered the content owned by the user who performed the upload. All content that is meant to serve as guides for the design process and is sent to us does not change ownership and continues to be the property of the users. The user is fully liable for all the content that he uploads or shares on the website, along with its use in the resulting designs. NextDesign does not provide or handle any copyright, trademark or licensing when creating and delivering designs. The completed products are property of our clients, however, we do not enforce their ownership in any way. This remains the responsibility of the user.

Accountability for uploaded content: Users must understand that they are responsible for all content that is shared on the website or sent to our designers. As a result, users must have the necessary rights to the content that they upload and not violate third party ownership and usage rights by sharing it. Should this situation arise, NextDesign cannot be held accountable for the actions of its users with regard to posted, shared or otherwise transmitted content.

Usage of User-uploaded content

NextDesign reserves the right to use the content uploaded or posted by the users of the website. Neither the company, nor the website will claim ownership over the user-uploaded content, however, submitting it, in any form, grants NextDesign license to use it as part of advertising materials.

Rights granted by Users to NextDesign

By uploading content to the website or sending it to our employed designers, users grant NextDesign the right to royalty-free, sub-licensable, and irrevocable license to use, modify, reproduce, store and display it.

Fees and Refunds

Users agree to pay the monthly or yearly service fees that are presented during the registration process. Payment must be made in full, the month before the paid services are rendered by NextDesign under the present Terms of Service. Users also agree that NextDesign may automatically charge them for the free, based on the type of service subscription that they have chosen (monthly/yearly).

Your access to your account, along with all the content and data that is stored in it may be suspended in the event that the applicable fees are not paid. Users warrant to NextDesign that all financial information and personal details required for the payment of services are accurate and up to date.

It is possible to cancel a user subscription by contacting a company representative, or by talking to our customer support teams at [email protected].

NextDesign reserves the right to change pricing for any of its service subscriptions, at any time, without prior notice.